Augment HCM

Augment HCM

Augment HCM solution is a cloud-based global talent management system that allows organizations to manage employee life cycle.

Augment HCM available in on-premise or multitenant hosted environment.

Our HCM provides employee complete demographics – includes profile, experience, salary history, performance, KPA, Performance reviews, memos, leave, employee file/record management. This enables the management team to assess the employee in all aspects

Time Sheet & Project Management

An integrated employee calendar and timesheet management systems, allows employee to manage the time card efficiently and accurately.

Integrated to PM and biometric devices to calculate the productivity levels of individuals.


A Global standard payroll system considering global payroll practices of USA, Singapore, and India.

An optional integration with industry standard payroll solutions.


Manage your HR based invoice system if you are into services industry. Supports all billing models of service, T&M, fixed cost with integration to project and management systems.

Manage efficiently your employee payables and receivables and integrate to organization financial systems

Our Differentiators

  • On-Premise and cloud
  • An integrated employee demographic view
  • Enhance the productivity and availability of remote employees through mobile access
  • Integrations with enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle, QuickBooks
  • Enhance the employee record management through SharePoint Integration
  • Configure your business rules
  • Configure your branding
  • Configurable workflow engine to meet organization dynamic nature of reporting hierarchy and business flow
  • Configurable forms with custom field to meet additional requirement as per business need



A marketplace platform enables all Kirana Shops to adopt a digital business with no investment on technology or development. Our add-on conversational e-commerce solution enables non-technical kirana shops owners to interact the customer with simple chat interface.

Benefits to Shoppers:

  • Set your favorite kirana shop on KiranaBuddy from your area
  • KiranaBuddy enables you to place your grocery orders from anywhere and anytime
  • Helps you in avoiding last minute shopping and waiting in line for long time
  • Helps you to pick products with corresponding measurements from your favorite kirana shop catalogs
  • Helps you with last procured item list avoiding unnecessary stocking
  • Alerts you with notifications on your order readiness - pickups /door deliveries
  • Taking kirana shopping to the next level through KiranaBuddy portal and mobile app

Benefits to Shopkeepers

  • The shopper can shop 24/7
  • Your customers can pick items and order online avoiding counter rush
  • Direct benefit on cash reserves
  • KiranaBuddy turns your hard work into smart work by managing all your inventories well and avoiding dead stocks
  • Automated SMS/email updates to customers on promotions
  • Meeting your customer expectations on deliveries
  • Better customer profiling and services ensures repeat business

KiranaBuddy Value Additions

  • Analytical dashboard to consumers to evaluate their buying trends (integrated to augment analytics component)
  • Evaluate product arability and best place to purchase
  • Conversational commerce for easy grocery ordering by natural language of voice and text

Swaraj Bazaar
Enabling retailers, enhancing shopper experience

Swaraj Bazaar
Enabling retailers, enhancing shopper experience

Swaraj Bazaar is a disruptive technology platform that unleashes the power of information and technology, to empower and enrich the value chain/stakeholders

Redefines the way business is done, similar to asset-light business models.

Investments in brand and technology yielding results and returns:

  • No real estate / retail shops
  • Limited inventory
  • Minimal logistics

Insides of business with built in statistical analysiss

  • Inventory & Business Operations Statistics
    • Inventory Optimization: Reduce excess inventory and out-of-stock situations, enhance fill rates and offer wider range, FIFO, no expired products, monthly stock audits, recommend products to purchase and phase out
    • Business Operations: Accounting reconciliation and VAT returns, In-store branding & planogram compliance, staff training
  • Shopper Data Statistics
    • Shopper purchase patterns: what shoppers buy and don’t buy and the reasons why
    • Remedial action to increase order flow and shopper footfalls: Targeted promo offers and sampling
  • Shopper and Consumer Marketing Initiatives
    • Shopper outreach program: proactive connection with shoppers & data gathering
    • Shopper feedback and customer loyalty initiatives
    • Narrow-cast consumer communications: LAM in catchment area
    • Implement marketing initiatives feedback

SwarajBazaar, data as service Swaraj Bazaar will collect, collate, aggregate and analyze the data gathered from:

  • Franchisee EPOS
  • Website orders: Own and other e-commerce players.
  • Mobile app orders: Own and other m-commerce players.
  • Call center orders

Swaraj Bazaar will provide rich and live insights for all stakeholders of the value chain:

  • Shoppers : Recommendations of products, offers and promos
  • Retailers : Action reports on inventory, JIT, range, shopper trends
  • Brands : Reports for RMS, distribution, pipeline, competition, basket
  • Vendors : Business opportunity in new channel: fridges, freezers, fixtures, FPOs



SmartParking is a smart city system helping drivers to find a parking spot quicker and allowing cities to manage their parking spaces more efficiently. It informs drivers where to find vacant parking spaces via smart phones or electronic street panels. SmartParking also allows the city to monitor and manage the parking zones 24/7, obtaining real-time occupancy and correlating it with payment information (the system can be connected to a mobile paying platform or to any larger platform). Once installed, this technology can translate to significant extra revenues for the city through the increase in occupancy and reduction in non-payment.

SmartParking can be installed on both public and Private parking zones. Easy to install and maintain.


City Benefits

  • Parking zones identification
  • Improves environmental conditions
  • Generates more revenues
  • Empowerment of traffic enforcement
  • Better control on city by reducing traffic issues
  • Pedestrian friendly environment

Citizen Benefits

  • Reduces the frustration
  • Reduces searching time and fuel consumption
  • Reduces accidents


Citizens Can

  • Search parking zones by point of interest using mobiles or other GPS gadgets
  • Option to register and pay for parking via integrated payment method system
  • Voice feature providing audible queue when available parking is nearby
  • Guidance for vehicle finding

Parking-Enforcement Officers Can

  • Real-time visibility into parking violations
  • Allows the local authority to monitor and manage the parking spaces, getting, real time information 24/7 a week
  • Increased success rate in parking challenge disputes

RFP EvalRobo

RFP EvalRobo

Our RFP EvalRobo utilizes the Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to process the Proposal evaluation process against the set Eligibility criteria and other document compliances. A detailed dashboard after proposal analyzation allowing the procurement manager to take the right decision.

Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics

Our supply chain analytics library plays a key role in enhancing the performance of supply chain by improving supply chain visibility, managing volatility, and reducing fluctuations in cost.